In your bag No: 1466, Hansjörg Betschart
After a nice long weekend we are back on the saddle with a new bag. This time Hansjörg from Switzerland joins us. Aloha from Switzerland…

Hansjörg Betschart, Bülach, Switzerland

I’m Hansjörg. I live in a small town near Zürich, Switzerland. I shooting just black and white, because i develop itself in my own small darkroom.

I make architcture and try to earn money… but i still love my work. I keep my camera on me all the time. On sundays I take pictures with an old Hasselblad from 1969, professionally I use the digital Leica M. The rest of the time i shoot with my Leica MP. 

Bag: It’s a Filson Magnum field bag. This bag gets a nice patina, big enough fort he camera stuff, small enough to go.

Camera: Leica MP, what more can i say… i like this camera.

Lenses: i mostly shoot the Summicron 35mm, sometimes the 50mm collapsible because these lenses have the same filter thread. 

Film: usually i use the TriX 400 from Kodak, in a old 35mm Cannister.

Filter: i use filter in green, yellow, orange, red and gray

Cleaning: Lenspen and a Giotto’s small rocket air blower (The security at the airport has always pleasure)

Anything else: Pen, Analogbook, Notebook and my all time favourite Hula Girl (absolutely necessary)

In November this Year my pictures are shown at the Leica Gallery Zürich.

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Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Hansjörg. Congratulations of showing at the Leica gallery.

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