In your bag No: 1409, Cam MacRae
Cam is another returnee to the film fold, having been shooting since about the same time as yours truly. Today he shares his superb setup for hitting the streets. Just what you need to get the weekend off with a bang.

G’day Bellamy,

I’ve been shooting since I received a Yashica Partner AF for my birthday in ’87. I was lucky enough to study photography in school, so in ’90 I graduated to a Minolta SR-T Super that the old man had taken around Malaysia and Thailand in the 70s. These days I have quite a few cameras in my dry box, but most are used rather less than I’d like. I stopped shooting film in the early 2000s because my job involved writing software to automate photo upload and post-processing for classified ads, and there were plenty of spare digital cameras floating around the office for testing.
Around 2007 I resumed shooting film when I realised I was spending more time reading specs and reviews than making pictures. I haven’t been a darkroom for 15 years, so have a hybrid workflow. At least that is the theory — the prospect of scanning negs has allowed me to achieve mastery of one and only one photographic skill: procrastination.

Anyway, to the bag. This is currently my day bag unless I need to cart around a laptop:

Lowepro Photo Sport BP 200 AW II. It’s quite nice for an “action” bag, but it wouldn’t be your first choice for fashion week.

M4-P with Leicavit, Summarit 35mm f2.5, and Voigtländer VC Meter II. I got the M4-P and the ‘vit from this bloke in Japan. Perhaps you know him?! The Summarit is tiny and lovely. The meter just works (as a meter should).

Fuji Instax 70. Very fun camera that generates a lot of interest.

JCH film case with a mix of PANF+ 50, HP5+ 400, and Delta 3200.
A spare packet of Instax mini film.

Aurisonics ASG-2 Stealth IEMs.
Rockboxed iPod Classic and Leckerton Audio UHA-4 amplifier.
Tiger Balm (there are lots of bitey bugs in Hong Kong during summer).
Hand Sanitiser.
Battery pack and usb cable for my power hungry phone.

I don’t post anything online so the only way anyone can see my work is if they come around for a beer!

Cam MacRae

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Cam. Nice headphones you have there.
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