In your bag No: 1447, Michael Duke
I am on a roll, I actually have time to post bag shots! Today we have a journalists bag, but not with the sort of camera you would usually be thinking of. Check it out.

My name is Michael Duke and I’m a journalist, street photographer and teacher in Houston, Texas. I fell in love with film about two years ago, thanks in large part to Japan Camera Hunter. I’ve become rather evangelical since then and now teach film photography, including film processing, to my students, who are as young as 11-years-old. I’ve found film photography, in particular, to be an incredibly versatile vehicle for teaching any topic or subject imaginable. 

After learning on 35mm and 120mm, I’ve recently made the leap to 4X5. With a journalism background, I couldn’t resist picking up a Crown Graphic. This one is from the early 1950s and is fitted with a stock Optar 135mm f/4.7. It fits nicely inside a Filson Magnum field backpack, which carries four film holders, a Sekonic LiteMaster Pro, a changing bag for loading more film in the field, and a notepad and pencil for recording exposures, details and stories. The camera’s rangefinder is surprisingly clear, but occasionally I’ll use the ground glass back screen for pinpoint focus, so I keep a pair of 4X reading glasses and a cable release in the bag, as well. HP5 is my go-to film, due to its ease-of-use and generous margin for error. 

4X5 has enriched my journey with photography. I hope it offers the same to my students.  

I post a blend of my film and digital street photography images at and

Many thanks, JCH, for spreading the love of film!

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Michael. That is such a cool setup. The Crown is a classic.

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