In your bag No: 1398, Viktor Tejada
The design sense in this one is strong. Viktor is young, but he has a passion for photography and film in particular. A very nice and simple setup for the weekend. Check it out.

Hello everyone! My name is Viktor, and I’m a 19-year old design student living in Manila, Philippines. I’ve always had a knack for photography, especially since I came from a family that made sure they had a camera with them wherever they go. I, however, only resorted to borrowing cameras from my siblings and friends until I bought one for myself a few months ago.

I’ve had prior experiences with film cameras like the Yashica FX-3 Super and the Nikon FM that were owned by my sister and brother respectively. Despite already having a bit of knowledge on how to operate SLRs, I opted to buy the Konica c35 EFD instead as my first film camera.

The Konica c35 EF, nicknamed “Pikkari”, was first introduced back in 1975 for being the first 35mm compact camera with a built-in flash. My Konica, however, is a c35 EFD, and I never really knew the difference of it between the c35 EF. All I know that the c35 EFD was probably produced in 1977 onwards since it had a self timer unlike the ’75 c35 EF. Fun fact: The Pikkari was one of Andy Warhol’s favorite cameras.

I chose the Pikkari as my first film camera because aside from it being cheap (ha, college kids), I wanted to master scale focusing. For me, at least, mastering such thing will come in handy once I get myself a rangefinder and start shooting in the streets – where focusing can be such a drag sometimes especially since almost everything in the street is always moving.

After getting used to the Pikkari, I knew I had to upgrade to an SLR at one point – the camera of choice was the Minolta XE. The XE was also known as the XE-7 in North America, and XE-7 in Europe. The XE made in 1974 by Minolta in partnership with Leica. Many would say that the Minolta XE is practically the same as the Leica R3 due to its similar design and circuitry. Many would also say that the Minolta XE is the Leica R3’s older cousin. I chose the XE because it had all that I needed: Exposure compensation, aperture priority, two and four second shutter speeds, and a build quality like that of a tank’s. I also found it cool that two huge camera companies worked together in order to produce such beauty of a camera.

The film I’m currently using is the Kodak Gold 200. I’m not really a huge fan of it, but since it’s one of the most accessible films here in the Philippines, I’m often left without a choice but to buy one. The problem here in the Philippines is that films like Porta or Ektar aren’t easily acquirable because they’re not sold in stores; buying them online boosts its prices up a little due to shipping and the like, making the film more expensive than it already is for a student like myself.

The bag in the photo is a brown leather messenger bag from Topman. It’s fairly cheap, but very stylish in my opinion. Whenever I’m not out shooting, I always find myself reading a book, specifically a Murakami one because I’m a huge fan of anything Japanese, as well as Murakami himself. If i’m not reading a book, however, I’m on my laptop scrolling through photography blogs, watching DigitalRevTV videos, and basically doing whatever a big photography geek should do.

If ever you guys are curious as to what my shots look like, here’s a link to my freshly made Flickr account:

Thanks for having me, Bellamy, and I hope you all have a great day!

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Viktor. I love the layout, very strong.
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