In your bag No: 1350, Jef Price
Jef here has an absolutely stunning bag for us to drool over today. Fantastic glass, a great bag, a cool patch and easily my favourite camera ever ever, the X-Pan/TX-1. Damn I wish I still had one. Shooting slide on that beast is an experience.

Hey everyone, I’ve been a photographer for 20 years, working as a professional off & on since I was 15. My Father got me started when I was 11 with the Basic photo series by Adams & Photography in Boy Scouts, I fell in love with the whole process. I’ve also worked in photography in sales & education. I’m also a gear nut who’s consulted professionally in the outdoor world.

My first camera was a Mamiya 1000MX with a Yashica 50/f1.7. I was late to the digital party, & didn’t own my first digital DSLR till I was in my 20’s. I’ve gone back & forth from 35mm to digital a few times depending on where I was at the time & what kind of work I was doing. I was shooting big heavy DSLRs not long ago, but after having some rather major injuries in a car wreck, including a TBI, I had to relearn even the basics. While starting over, my style & approach changed dramatically, I was also unable to carry the heavy DSLRs. I found myself shooting more with a rangefinder then a SLR & using faster lenses then I had used in the past. My current rig is a rotation of two digital bodies & two film bodies, using all prime lenses. I’ve gone from a Nikon shooter with a few Olympus & Leica’s in the mix, to Fuji & Leica. 

I’m also a camera collector with something in the neighborhood of 200 cameras, from the earliest days of Kodak to the humble beginnings of digital. I collect working usable models only. Among the major projects I’m tackling in 2016, I’m taking place in the Emulsive “Half baked half frame” project, & I’m working my way through my whole collection, trying to shoot a roll through every camera by 2017.  Alright, I’ve rattled on enough, on to the gear!

Bag: Filson Harvey Mesg Bag. 

Note: This bag got some bad reviews, but the thing to understand with this bag is it’s all about simplicity & versatility.  It’s tough, light, & doesn’t stand out, while looking better then just about anything else out there. Best of all it doesn’t look like a camera bag! The patch is the Tap & Dye Legacy patch

Cameras on current rotation (I carry two at a time):


Fuji X-Pro 1

Leica M9-Monochrome 

Leica C-Lux 2 (not pictured, used it for the photos)


Hassy/Fuji X-Pan

Leica R4





Leica M Mount: 

Summicron 90/f2

Voigtlander Nokton 50/f1.1 

Leica R Mount:  Elmarit 28/f2.8

X-Pan: 45/f4

Extras: Leica flash, Fuji Macro rings (they’re awesome!), Cokin filters (red, yellow, effects, whatever), filter case (now with real filters!), Waterproof card holder with extra 32GB & 64GB cards, 2 1TB HDs, Macbook Pro, Brush, iPhone, Notebook, Mach 3 pen, Leica Pocket Companion (good reading!),  DJeep Red Lighter, Extra X-Pro & M9 bats, EDC crowbar keychain (great for urbex trips!), Victorinox Cadot Blk, CRKT M21-02G, Cree light, Julbo Spectron 3 sunglasses, Card reader, Not pictured: SEIKO 5 Automatic (current favorite field watch)

35mm Film: Porta, HP5, Pan F, Delta, ADOX 

So that’s it! I experiment with weird glass, filters & odd inventions a lot, so odds & ends change. I rotate film cameras around as well, but the X-Pan is my new must carry. Thanks for checking out my bag, hope you enjoyed, & thanks Bellamy! 

– Jef Price 

Twitter/IG @JefPrice Blog, website

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Jef. What a cool bag, I really dig it. I love the patch too. Thanks for sharing.

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