Show us your film: Kodak glory
It is a out time, but I have finally got around to sharing some of the awesome film stashes I have received. Including an outstanding collection of classic Kodak film. Some of this stuff is truly drool worthy. Check it out.

Patrick Kuhl

Hello from Madison, WI. I finally have enough film to call a collection.

So, this past Labor Day weekend, I went back to a flea market I like while on vacation with my wife and some of my family in Minocqua/Woodruff here in Wisconsin. There’s a 92-year-old guy (just turned 92 on Sunday!) who has some tables there with a ton of cameras, mostly Kodak and Polaroid (which I generally pass on because they’re everywhere). However, he had a massive collection of expired film for sale at 25 cents a box! I picked up some of it the last time I went a couple years ago when he was charging a couple bucks a box. The last photo here shows what I came back with from that trip.
The first four photos show what I came away with this time. It took me two trips (one on Saturday, one on Sunday) because I didn’t have enough cash on me the first time. I simply cannot believe how incredibly lucky I am. He said they’ve been refrigerated the whole time, but they were sitting on his table in the hot flea market building, so I have no idea if these will be any good. A significant portion I won’t be able use or develop anyway, but we’ll see how it goes! I also found six metal film cans that were $1 each. Pretty nice! The following link at my photography blog lists what I found:

Thank you for your time,
Patrick Kuhl :: UW Geoscience ::


Here’s some of my stash.
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“Live Long And Prosper”

Eliza Rinn

Hello from New York!
I’ve been checking out everyone’s film collections on here, so I decided to share mine.
I think I started with a couple of rolls of Kodak Tri-x 400…but then people kept giving me their old film (this includes Kodak Ektar 100 and 125, Technical Pan, Agfa 120, Vericolor II, and Kodachrome). Now I have more film then I know what do do with, and not enough cameras to try them all. For now I only shoot black & white because that’s what I can develop at home (and only using Tri-x 400, for now, because I can’t mess it up), but who knows, with all that color film I’ll probably take up color too!

Gray Marchiori-Simpson

Categorised by ISO, there’s some VX 100, provia 100 and one roll of Portra 100t. I only have one roll of cheap 400 film from.the nineties, one roll of Fuji Press 800… Generally, as an unskilled learner photographer – I shoot ISO 200 ‘Poundland Film’ otherwise known as Agfaphoto Vista, otherwise known as Fujifilm C200 (The internet thinks). I buy quite a lot of film, and go through a lot of it too, so there’s only about 30 rolls left of the 70 I had a few weeks ago.

A roll a day keeps the digital away!*

* Because the cost of the film keeps you from affording an M Monochrom. Or for that matter, a badly abused Nikon D70. Or even most ‘tourist’ compacts. I like film.

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