Show us your film : Various Offenders
A few people sent their stash in, so I thought it would be fun to share them with you. I bet some of you lot have incredible collections. Who knows, we could end up with people doing stash swaps. Check it out.

I had fun sharing my meagre collection of film with you lot, and it seems like it inspired a couple of you to send me your collections. So without further ado, let’s crack on.

Francois Nadeau

Francois tells me that his teenage daughter sometimes asks if she eat film if there is no food in the fridge.

Ben Parks

I get the distinct impression Ben is rather fond of instant films. A couple of lonely rolls of 135.

Dan K

If you read the site, you will know Dan K is a bit obsessive about film can cameras. And this is just further proof. Wow.

That’s it for now. Keep them coming.

I would love to see you collections, so if you want to send them in feel free. Perhaps you can include a couple of shots taken with your favourite films, that would be fun. Send your film stash. Who knows, if enough people do it, it might become a regular thing.