Philippines Typhoon Haiyan: Call for aid
I don’t usually do stuff like this, but JCH has a large number of supporters in the Philippines and the people of the Philippines need your help. Please read.

As you may know (if you watch the news), the Philippines was slammed this week by a massive typhoon going by the name of Haiyan. This was one of the deadliest typhoons in living memory and it is feared that as many as 10,000 could be dead in one area alone! The storm surge wiped out everything. Over 600,000 people have been displaced and 9 million have been affected. When you consider that there are over 2000 islands in the Philippines, you can imagine that getting aid to this region is a mammoth task.

When Japan suffered from the earthquake and tsunami, the Philippine supporters of JCH were quick to help and make donations to assist the people of Japan. So now I ask you to do the same for our friends in the Philippines. Please help them in any way that you can. That does not mean pray for them, or send them some socks, that will not help right now. Send money.

I am usually very wary of some ‘charities’, having worked in a couple, so I have selected the ones that I think will really help the people of the Philippines right now. The Philippine Red Cross are on the ground and in desperate need of cash. These guys are Filipino and know the locals. They know what is needed and how to work with the people. This is the community and family services international. They are also local Filipino and know the terrain and what is needed.

Google is also doing a search for people

JCH has a lot of followers in the Philippines and I hope that all of them made it through the typhoon and that they and their loved ones are ok. We are thinking of you and will assist you as best we can. Any messages you want to leave on this page for people will be posted.

Please make a donation to these charities and help, it would make a big difference.
pakitulungan ang Pilipinas