In your bag 724, Mathias Ertnaes
Mathias is only 16, but already has a bag full of cool film gear. I wish I had this lot when I was 16. Check it out.

My name is Mathias Ertnaes.

I`m 16 years old, from Norway, going to school for photography and general media production.

I have been shooting for as long as I can remember, but went serious with it about two years ago. I got myself a Canon DSLR and started shooting a lot more. After a while of shooting, I ended up in a period where I weren’t inspired to shoot at all. I was sick of having full control, of just shooting and knowing that everything was about right.

After some months of not shooting, I found an old Polaroid in a friend of my dads garage. (we were cleaning it out, because he was moving) I got it from him as a payment for the work, and the next day I headed to my local camerashop and got some Instanfilm for it. I shot this as my only analog for about three months. Then I got my dads old Nikon EM and started shooting «normal» film.

I shoot mostly street.

So thats a piece of my story. Here`s the part you are all here for.

Skjermbilde 2013-10-27 kl. 22.39.34

I will often just bring one camera, but if I bring it all, heres what I`ll bring:

1. Canonet QL17 (not GIII)  (With a lens cap I think is from a Canonet 28, and a homemade strap

2. Polaroid Land Camera 1000 (green button edition)

3. Nikon EM with Makinon 28-80 f3,5

4. Makinon 80-200 f4,5

5. iPad mini  (using it mostly as a music player, but also as a writing tool.)

6. Macbook Pro (I don’t feel like I need to talk about it, we all got one.)

7. Tictacs

8. Läkerol box (I don’t do drugs, I do Läkerol)

9. iPhone charger

10. Rayban Clubmasters in aluminum (keeping it cool)

11. iPhone 4s with a P.A.P. pocket-thingy (last iPhone under Steve`s management.. I`ll be keeping this as long as possible)

12. Leather Gloves (Norway is cold)

13. Umbrella (I don’t like rain)

15. Kendama

16.  bag I got for like 50 bucks


The Canonet, I saw on eBay for 10 bucks, so I just had to buy it. It isn’t the GIII, but I think this is better looking. I need to unstuck the aperature-blades, as I got it just a few days ago and haven’t really had the time to do yet. On in I got a DIY strap made out of an old handbag, some keychains and some bolts/nuts.


The Land Camera 1000 is really something else. I just love the feel of shooting instant-film. And as this is an autofocusing camera with only an option to change the exposure comp, it makes you having even less control.


The EM is  really my go-to analog, as it got some zoom and is an aperture priority camera. Its just easier to shoot everything when you don’t have to think that much.

I`m prepared for all weather…


I pretty much shoot any film i can afford, and i send it away to develop. I`m getting into developing my own B&W, but i haven’t perfected it yet..

I haven’t really started uploading my analog work, but you cam find some of my digital here:


P.S. I do have a big bag of DSLR equipment, as i go to school for Photography, but that isn’t really that exciting to share.

Well thats it! Hope you liked my bag.

Mathias W. Ertnaes

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Mathias, this is great. Only 16 but a passion for film. Keep it up.
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