In your bag 1136, Pete Duval
Pete has been on the site before. And now he is back with a very different setup from last time. Come and se how things have changed.

With this, my second incarnation within the “In Your Bag” series (the first having occurred last May), I offer the following: how my life has become one endless—largely joyful—urban peregrination, camera in hand, wherein, in its best moments, the ego melts away and I become something akin to pure perception.
I like film. Why? Because not everything is about product alone, right? Process itself—in this case the “practice” of shooting film—imbues product with what might be called “thisness” (to borrow from Gerard Manley Hopkins), the ineffably unique iteration of the analogue medium: the negative, the print. There is no moment but this one, and it cannot be saved, only savored. It’s an awareness we have completely swept away in our haste to digitize experience. That said, I still shoot digital as well. Hey, I really love cameras.

Here we go:

Timbuk2 medium messenger bag (with camera-gear-customizable foam insert).

Fujifilm X-E1 with 18-55mm f2.8/4 (usually attached to the BlackRapid camera sling seen above it).

Contax T2 (too fun).

Leatherman (an amazingly versatile pocket tool which bestows upon its owner the illusion of supreme efficacy).

Canonet QL17 (purchased recently and restored [light seals & battery-chamber cleanse]).

Contax G1 with Biogon 28mm f2.8 (Hmmm).

Paul Auster’s New York Trilogy (refreshing metafiction).

My work can be found at

Thank you, Bellamy.

Thanks for coming back to us, Pete. It is always nice to see how things have changed.
Check it out and make sure you come and comment.

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