In your bag No: 1287, Tan Jyh Hern
Tan was on the site a while back, quite a while back in fact. And now he is back again, with a very straightforward kit. Oh and a very fancy music box. He may be only 16, but he certainly has good taste in cameras.

I’m Tan Jyh Hern, I’m 16, I hail from Singapore and it has been two years since my last bag. I have trimmed down on my collection, and I am now the proud owner of my two most treasured belongings: my Nikon F2 and my Leica M3 (yes, I finally got a Leica in the end).

A little backstory on my M3: I was infatuated by the concept of owning a Leica for the past few years, as evidenced in my previous post, and I knew I just had to get my grubby hands on one. So I saved for years, did my due research, and managed to pick her up for a reasonable price, slightly battered as she is. From the first roll of film I put through her, I was deeply in love (sounds corny huh), I knew that I had finally completed my collection. I haven’t yearned for a new gear upgrade since, and I am more than happy with what I currently own.

I now concentrate on mainly street photography, and I am trying to improve myself as much as I can.

My bag this time round is a Domke F2, in tan khaki. I use it all the time, both as a camera bag and an everyday messenger bag, and it performs splendidly in both roles. It has been through quite some wet, sticky and muddy situations with me (including some bird poop once), and has never failed to keep its contents clean, dry and generally untarnished.

My Nikon F2 is as reliable as ever, and is my main camera whenever I feel like doing a slow paced photowalk, with its 100% viewfinder helping me get exactly what I want in the frame. Once again, the Nippon Kogaku Nikkor-H Auto 1:3.5 28mm and the Nikkor-H Auto 1:2 50mm are the mainstays of this camera, and while they may not be the best lenses around, they manage to do the job.

When I feel like going out on the hectic streets, the Leica M3 rises to the occasion, with it being either armed with Ilford Pan 100 or Fuji Neopan Acros 100. Yes, I know I like slow films. A diminutive camera, I have never really attracted much attention with the M3, and the collapsible 50mm f2.8 Elmar only adds to the portability of the camera. A light, small, quiet camera is what I had expected from the Leica, and I am more than satisfied with it.

In both configurations, I keep in my bag a book for idle time on the public transport, and a Fiio X1 and a E11K music player and amplifier together with my Custom Art Music One earphones for those times when you just want to drown out the world and escape to your own little bubble of music.

All in all, my current bag is a nice, light bag perfect for long walks without fatigue. I’m a lucky kid.

My portfolio:

Thanks for coming back to us, Tan. Those headphones are something I would very much like to have, I could do with drowing the world out sometimes.
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