In your bag 956, Geoffrey Matt
Geoff shares with us a very trendy bag with a Japanese feel to it. Oh, and a ‘Texas Leica’. Check it out.

Hi I’m Geoff Matt and I’m based in Brisbane, Australia. I’m not sure how to describe my photography, maybe urban landscape? Mostly I’m trying to capture the different parts of the city I live in, as nobody else seems to think there’s much here worth shooting.
I disagree so I spend time outside of work wandering around a random suburb, I always find interesting landscapes, buildings and people worthy of a post on my blog.
I’ve moved into film this year after acquiring my first rangefinder, a Canon 7, from JCH himself in Tokyo. Since then I’ve realised I prefer the feel film gives to my images and I’ve started developing at home.  I shoot mostly black and white, usually Ilford Delta 100 or HP5 but I use most of the Ilford range at different times.

My bag has ended up quite Japanese, although not really intentionally. I have my Canon 7 with 50mm F1.4 lens and a yellow filter to try to keep the sky in check (it’s usually pretty sunny here!). For wider landscape work I have a Fuji 690GSWIII. I love this camera, the 6x9cm negative is about as big as you can get on roll film without going panoramic, the sharpness is amazing but it’s the subtlety in grey tones that I really love about this camera.

I use an ancient and quite tired Pentax Spotmeter V for accurate metering, even though I have to shake it quite a lot to get it to cooperate. I get more attention using this in the middle of the city then I do with the novelty sized Fuji, everyone thinks I’m a hipster movie guy with a cine8 camera!

When I don’t want to be slowed down by the Pentax I use the sunny 16 rule, which serves pretty well here (did I mention it’s sunny in Brisbane?).

Other than that I carry business cards, a stylishly Japanese themed lens cloth, and usually a Japanese book to help with my study of the language. Everything lives in a Crumpler messenger bag with a camera specific insert.

You can find my work at the following:

Please feel free to say hi, or even hai!

A very cool setup you have there Geoff. Love the Fuji.
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