In your bag 955, Alberto Olivares
Alberto shares with us his bag, which it seems took quite a bit of choosing, judging by the immense table of cameras he also shares with us.

Hi everybody!! Summers is comming and it´s time to think what´s on my bag during the travels.
My name is Alberto Olivares. I´m from Spain, working as a teacher, I spent my free time using my oldies cameras that i use to find in second hands markets.
For the next days i will travel to north of Spain, and this is mi selection to be with me.

Pentax 6×7 with 105mm 2.4 lens and a couple of trix and slides for it.

Leica IIIf with collapsible elmar 50mm 3.5. I love the results it gets.

Hexar RF with 35mm Voigtlander. Just to be quick in street shoots.

Fujifilm Tiara (AKA Cardia mini). Quite slow, but what lens!!!

Important to study how to improve my shots with “the negative” by Ansel Adams.

A moleskine to write ideas for next course of Still Art i will study in Photoespaña school.

And someday i should call my mum, so there is the mobile.

All inside my bag that I bought in my last travel to Japan. Very comfortable.

More about me on:

Alberto Olivares.

P:S: That was not easy choose. I had to think between all of these:

Wow, now that is quite the collection. Thanks for sharing.
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