In your bag 957, Siim Vahur
Seriously, this is what it is about. This bag is awesome. An instant favourite for me. Check it out.

Name: Siim Vahur
Age: 33
Work: photography (digital)
Hobby: photography (analog)

This week’s bag:
Arax 60MLU + Astro Gesellschaft Pan Tachar f1.8/150mm
Arax – 6×6 tank from Ukraine with one of my favorite portrait lens, both P6 mount.

Yashica Mat-124G (w Yashinon f3.5/80mm)
I prefer that simple TLR as long as I got 220 format Velvia 50.

Leica III + Voigtländer Super Wide-Heliar f4.5/15mm
Well weared favorite. I love the combination of old and new – a real veteran (b. 1935) meets sharp and small wide-angle for street photography.

Minox 35AL (w Color-Minar f4/35mm)
Neat for quick snapshots. Small and simple.

E6: Velvia, Velvia, Velvia.
B/W: PET-film based Agfa Traffic, Ilford Surveillance 400 P3 / P4 (can be pushed up to ISO 3200), Tri-X

Plus bulk-loader.

(Shot taken with 5D3 w 50/1.2L)

Homepage/portfolio: (mostly in Estonian)
Flickr (selection of cameras I like to use):
Photos for Tallinn City Theatre:


Thanks for sharing your gear with us Siim. No bag though. Still, love the Arax.
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