In your bag 498, Oliver Matich
So close, we are nearly there. But we have a couple more bags to go and this one is fantastic. It is actually a dual bag set.
Check it out.

I’m Oliver Matich, I live in Bunbury, Western Australia, but I come from outside of Liverpool in England (and pretty much divide my photography between the two places).

I am 16 at the moment, in my last year of school, and am looking at either doing astrophysics at uni or getting into fashion photography. More info is on my site You can also check my flickr (, tumblr blog (, instagram (olivermatich), and soundcloud (I dj) ( if you like.

My bag tends to change a fair bit but first I will show you my most recent bag that I took in my recent trip to Melbourne where I was focusing on street photography and then my main bag for most things.

The bag is an old Nikon one I found in the local camera shop. It works pretty well for medium format but I am not sure how much longer it is gonna last. I am a BIllingham man really but my used 355 is too big to be used on the street. Got the trusty Bronica ETRS which I have used for a while but only just realised how well it works on the street, with a 75mm mounted on it and a spare back so I can use slide and b&w at the same time. As for film I tend to stick to Fuji for medium format (ez-load spools are good on the street), and for metering I use an old Leningrad 4 which is great because you can use it with one hand. For a strap I use the Leica M straps, by far the best straps.

I’ve been tending to stick to street shooting with this bag and most of the time the Bronica is round my neck. I find it much easier to focus on medium format and find it does a great job with awesome sharpness, low grain and all the benefits of a big neg. The other camera is my new Leicaflex SL2 which I love so far, with an 80mm f1.4 Summilux mounted and Provia 100f slide loaded which I was just using for more casual shots of friends in Melbourne and things like that because I am a sucker for good bokeh.

Other essentials are my iPod classic with Sony XBA-2 headphones with Comply tips, iPhone 3Gs, Lamy Safari rollerball and notebook, and my wallet. In the pockets, I have gum (I am pretty much a gum addict when I am shooting), lens caps and a lens cloth.

This is perhaps my main bag for shooting architecture, landscapes and travelling most of the time. The bag is a Kata DC441, perhaps the most perfect sized and designed bag ever. I would like it to look nicer but it has never failed me for functionality or durability. It has some badges and pins from various places. Camera is the original 5D, a great camera that still throws out fantastic files despite being a decade old design. Most of the time I use an adapted Leica 19mm Elmarit-R, my favourite lens. Also use the Canon 50mm f1.8 plastic fantastic quite a lot because it is sharp, light and has good bokeh. The Canon 28mm f2.8 was a steal (second hand for nothing) that bridges the gap when I need it to. I might have a spare battery but I rarely need it with the 5D’s incredible battery life. Original 80s EOS strap is much better than the new ones, I like it. The essentials are pretty much the same, except I don’t really have room for the notebook and pen. A lot of the time I will shoot at night with this bag, carrying my awesome small carbon Giottos tripod.

Once again, cheers for the great site Bellamy.


Thanks for sharing your bags with us Oliver. I am really glad that you enjoy the site. Happy shooting.

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