In your bag No: 562, Richard Lee
Richard brings us a super moody looking bag shot today. Richard is purist in his idea, that this is not a collection, merely a set of tools to be used for their purpose. Come and have a look at this straightforward bag.

My name is Richard Lee. I am a Malaysian who is currently settling at the little red dot, Singapore. One of my favourite past time is to roam the streets with a compact film camera / a DSLR / a film rangefinder. Usually the compact is the one that stays in the bag most of the time. I have gone a huge round of acquiring numerous different cameras and formats, and since then I have streamed lined my gears to a simple set up. I am usually very practical with my gears and only really get what I need. I only see my cameras as just another tool for creating the images I capture, and I am never a collector. I am a black and white 28mm shooter at most times, and will only change focal lengths only when necessary.

What’s in my travel bag this time:

Black Domke F3x + RF.SG Asia button

Nikon D800 + Nikkor 28mm 1.8G

Nikkor 60mm 2.8 AFD

Black Fujifilm Klasse W + Leather Pouch

iPhone 4

My photographs can be found here :


Richard Lee

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Richard. I like the purist nature of it. I hope you can get some shots without the smog bothering you too much.
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