In your bag No: 1663 – Bill Thoo

Bill likes to fly light but that doesn’t mean he has to sacrifice quality with his ideal travel kit.

Road trips and air travel are completely different affairs when it comes to my photography. I am not talking so much about the journey, as vital to the enterprise as it is, but the photographic packing.  After all, this is an In Your Bag article!

In the air I tend to take one body and lens, even with 35mm, and certainly with medium format.  Traveling light is important, and the extra packing space I tend to devote to film. On the road, ironically, the sky is the limit. Actually, I am not that bad, but it does all depend on the subject and destination. I have packed here for a road trip to the NSW Central West, a journey of about 5 hours from Sydney. I have the privilege of visiting the region around Dubbo twice a year for work. After business hours, though, my time is my own and it tends heavily towards night time photography.

I have taken my Sony A7rii for astrophotography landscapes over the past three years, lately with a Zeiss Batis 18/2.8.  I love what the Sony allows me to do in incredibly low light.  Over the past year I took a Maxxum 5 for a promising analog experiment, and then the Olympus OM1 with a Zuiko 18/3.5 where I captured some lovely star trails. Buoyed by that experience I am now taking the Hasselblad 500c/m. The Sony is coming too. I’ll need something to do whilst waiting for those 1 hour exposures on the Hasselblad!

  • Lowepro Protactic AW 350.
  • Hasselblad 500c/m.
  • Zeiss Planar CF 80/2.8.
  • Zeiss Distagon CF 50/4.
  • Zeiss Distagon C 40/4.
  • Film (Cinestill 800T, Lomography 800, Provia 100, JCH Streetpan 400, and Ilford Delta 3200).
  • Sony A7rii.
  • Zeiss Batis 80/2.8.
  • Ona Presidio camera strap.

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Thanks for sharing with us your bag shot Bill. Lovely collection of Zeiss glass.

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