In your bag No: 1261, Gregoire “TETE DE LOUP” Huret
Gregoire doesn’t have a bag, but that is ok, I forgive him, because he has the sheer audacity to carry around a bottle of Tabasco in France, which I thought was a crime against French cuisine. Check out this cool setup.

Hi JCH, I’m Grégoire from Paris. Here is a photo of what you can find when I’m shooting the streets;
I do not have individual bag to carry it, I change often but but it’s more or less what I carry with me :

– Leica M6/summicron 1:2/50 (loaded w/ BW film)
– Ricoh GR (28mm forces me to get closer to people)
– Kodak Tri-X 400 film
– wallet
– purse (very helpful when want buy a “baguette”)
– iphone
– note book/pen (still cool to write or draw an idea)
– flask by McBess (I’m a big fan of McBess and whisky so…)
– TABASCO (ok I’m guilty, I took it in restaurant)

I’m a big fan of analog photography (since my dad gave his litte Rollei 35 SE), but I’ve recently bought a little Ricoh GR for a project of colors street photography. I’m now cool with fact to shoot both, and the 28mm allows me to take easy photos of architecture.

If you want to see my photographs, here is my website:

Always a pleasure to go on JCH ;-)

Gregoire “TETE DE LOUP” Huret

Thanks for sharing your gear with us, Gregoire. You are a very brave man, I know some chefs in France who would be very upset.
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