In your bag No: 1246, Joakim Fjeldli
Third time is a charm for Joakim. He is back again to share with us his bag and his rather customised Leica too. Check this one out.

Hi (again).

This is my third (!) submission to Whats in my bag.

As always, I’m a norwegian photojournalist and analog geek, ive shot most film formats, but i keep coming back to the diversity of 35mm film.

I keep coming back to different loadouts and ways to pack, getting new bags, etc.
And I’m always in a sharing mood.

This time, I have some new stuff.

First off the camera.
This is a custom M6 non-TTL from 1993.
The red dot has been replaced with a black one, and the “LEICA M6” lettering in white has been removed. I’ve also fitted a (much better, in my oppinion) M3/MP winding crank.

It’s been mated with my most recent purchase from Japan, the dubbed Japanese Summilux, the Canon 50mm f/1.4 LTM mount.

In my bag I carry an old german Osram flash, which has two settings: on and off.
Its a nice size for the M6.
I also carry my Summicron 35 pre-ASPH (version 4, for those who want to know), a fully loaded JCH film case, my phone and earbuds.

The bag is a leather bag I got off of a street vendor in Rome last week.

Film case contains a mix of color and BW film, and differing ISOs. All depending on my mood and the mood of the day, when I change rolls.

Thats it for now! I exist on instagram as @joakimfj.

Until next time.

Thanks for coming back to us, Joakim. Nice looking glass on the M6.
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