In your bag 1163, Zachary Mosher
Lucky young Zachary has access to some cool gear thank to his dads profession. And he is a skater too, so that ties in nicely with yesterdays post about Tim Kerr. Check this one out.

Hi, JHC! Im Zachary Mosher, 14yrs old, San Francisco, Ca. I have been Using a camera since I was 7. My dad is a photographer and luckily I have a lot of access to camera stuff (he’s the fucking best). I got in to film when I was 11 and my mom and I were cleaning out an old storage unit, I looked down and found my first film camera (konica ft-1). I love photography and shooting film.

currently in the bag

Hasselblad 500c/m

150mm f/4

keiv veiw finder (got it on eBay for 40 bucks !!!!!!)

Olympus stylus epic really cool little point and shoot great lens


also use a cannonet ql 17 (not pictured)

Tri-x bunch of that 120 and 35mm. I mostly shoot b&w because I develop and print all my photo’s. I love printing my photos and seeing that final product.

skateboard use that a lot

bag my dads old camera bag lowe pro flip side 300

I love the website and check it when I should be doing home work hahahaha. If anyone wants to check out my photos or shoot in the bay area check my stuff. Peace….

instagram: zacm_


Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Zach. It is cool to see the next generation of film shooters. Keep it up.
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