In your bag No: 1201, Tim Adamson
Tim keeps it simple and classy too. Just look at that SL66, isn’t it a beauty? Check out this pure film shooters bag.

Hi my name’s Tim and I’m a 21-year old motion designer/videographer from the sunny east coast of Australia.

I’m primarily a film shooter, at least when it comes to photographs and that passion developed after buying my first DSLR while studying film at university. I only ever intended to use it for video but on occasion I would snap photos here and there but always found it creatively unrewarding. One day I decided to pull out my parent’s old Pentax Z-20 and try my hand at film and haven’t looked back since. As someone who comes from the video side of things I’m used to putting in time to create something and I always found that for me film photography added in that extra time and thought process that made me feel more like I was creating something special.

Not that I’m averse to taking snapshots (digital or film) which leads me to my bag of polar opposite cameras. To start with I have the Olympus trip 35, about as close as you can get to battery-less full auto shooting, all you have to do is focus. It’s not totally light-tight so I’ve been getting some light leaks recently, though they can look really beautiful and it’s such a joy to shoot with it doesn’t worry me.

In almost complete juxtaposition to my full-auto, 35mm rangefinder I’m also packing the Rolleiflex SL66, a completely manual, retro-focusing, medium format SLR. This is the most expensive purchase of my brief case of GAS and I’m just so happy with it I don’t think I’ll ever need another MF setup.

My bag is the classic Billingham Hadley Small, which for the short time I’ve had it, has been a dream to use (and just barely fits the SL66!). As a videographer I tend to justify expensive camera-related purchases as investments and the Billingham was certainly one of them. It’s so useful to have on me if I’m walking around an event and need to switch lenses.

Also stuffed in there is a lens pen, field notes and pencil, some Ilford delta 3200 (which I’ve been wanting to shoot for ages), my iPhone 4 and Bellroy travel wallet.

You can see what I shoot at, which is where I post most of my film photography. There’s not a whole heap there just yet but I’m heading to Japan tomorrow for a month so I should have plenty of shots from that!

I also post a wider variety of photography to my instagram:

Finishing up my packing for tomorrow so thanks for having me, bye!

– Tim

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Tim. I love that SL66, it is a stunner.
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