For this week’s installment of “In Your Bag” we have Scott who shares with us his Fuji GF670 & Rollei 35s. Read along below:

I bought this messenger bag just before the pandemic hit to use as a travel bag and then I couldn’t fly anywhere to use it.

This past year, we returned to Italy, where most of my memories are captured on film, both 120 and 135.
The bag is a one-of-a-kind and handmade by Maledetti Toscani, in their Montepulciano location.  It is heavy at 3.5 pounds, yet its beauty lies in its obscurity as a camera bag for this latest kit.  In the bag is the Fuji GF670, which I had just adjusted the rangefinder and shot 8 rolls of mixed 120 film.  The other camera is the Rollei 35s, loaded exclusively with Ferrania’s P30 as I do quite a bit of testing with developer combinations and the light in Italy is just fantastic in the fall.  It is a brilliant zone-focusing camera, with a heavily damped focus ring, it can be extended, pre-focused and the lens won’t walk in or out.
I normally travel with my Hasselblad 500c/m or Rolleiflex 3.5f, so I had to practice quite a bit with the rangefinder. I had to learn to maintain the plane of focus by crouching, sidestepping and guessing the angle at times.  All-in-all, a phenomenal camera for travel, quiet and mine does not suffer from the battery drain issues I read about so often.
It was nice to be able to use a bag like this, as it is also stylish and flat, unlike traditional camera bags, it also smells good.
Other items in the bag:
  • JCH 120 film holder (of cource)
  • Sekonic 308
  • Nikon brush/blower (not shown)
  • Zeiss wipes (not shown, but almost never used)
  • 2 spare CR-2 batteries and 2 spare 357 silver oxide
  • Combat pen (also writes upside down and vertically)
— Scott Micciche, Chattanooga, Tennessee


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