In your bag No: 1193, Francesco Guerrieri
Naughty Francesco has put stuff in this shot that he doesn’t carry. But I will let him off because of all of the lovely film goodness he has put in the shot. Great stuff.

I always follow your posts with interest, and I particularly enjoy the “in your bag” ones. Thus, I decided to play.

I got the photography bug 4 years ago, when we were waiting our first son and I wanted to capture those magical moments. It was digital, at start. Now, since more or less one year, I find that I enjoy shooting film much more than digital. Nothing against it, I simply enjoy the analog process much more, from the limitation in the number of exposures, to the magic of developing your images and seeing what was captured, to the wonderful and deep blacks of a nice print.

In the course of this journey, I am trying to play with my kids (a second one arrived almost two years ago). So the older helps me in the darkroom, with the timer and the thermometer, and is an avid Polaroid shooter. As for the younger one, she is just learning to talk, but tonight when she came to see what I was doing, she pointed at the film boxes and happily shouted “Pellicola!” (that’s italian for film). That really made me smile.

Now the bag:

In the upper corner you’ll notice an Ilford pin which I proudly bring around.

Then you can see the cameras: ordered by size, a Minolta, a Mamiya 645 (my most used camera) and a Reality So Subtle 4×5 pinhole camera (currently loaded with hp5+).

The films: I am mainly an Ilford and Fuji guy (if only Fuji stopped discontinuing their films). Being italian, I can’t wait for Ferrania to bring their new film to the market!

Last but not least, a notebook, a lightmeter, and Fillmore. One cannot stay without Fillmore, according to my son.

Of course, I don’t bring everything in that small bag all at once :-)


Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Francesco. Nice bunch of stuff you have there.
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