Inspired Eye Digital Magazine Vol: 22
In this new issue of Inspired Eye, you can see the offbeat, color work of Vadim Timoskins exploring juxtapositions in street photography and contemplate the pastel tones of the failures of Superman in “No Superhero” by Markus Ole Jorgensen.

Furthermore, you can see how in “mirrored” two photographers separated by land find common themes within their work, and you can also listen to Richard Histon as he dispenses wisdom from 3 decades of people watching, while Figueredo Veliz offers us a rare, eclectic look at his home of Cuba.

There are much more interviews from black and white street photographers and other fine artists within 278 beautifully laid out pages (140 spreads)

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Online photography sessions
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Your learning will be accelerated with the Inspired Eye method, a method developed by Don Springer and Olivier Duong by mixing photography, philosophy & photography.

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