In your bag No: 1181, Dan Cox
Dan shares with us a lovely setup. Some books, some cameras and some film. All stuffed into a simple bag. Just what the doctor ordered.

My name is Dan Cox, I live in Sheffield, UK, work in a university library and the public archives, shoot street stuff or whatever grabs my interest on my lunch breaks, when I travel, whenever i’m out of the house really!

Bag- Lowepro Fastpack 350 – Camera stuff in the bottom, clothes in the top, perfect traveling/ street shooting combo bag, big enough for a weeks traveling and not too big to wear all day if needed.

Mamiya 645 with 80mm Mamiya lens – good for more considered street shooting, waist finder means people think you are just looking down at a phone and the fact that its a big old camera throws people off as well and can help break the ice if they do wonder what you’re up to! (has a home made ISO dial after the original one fell off, needs replacing every few months (the pen tends to wear away) and I hope its still in the right position!)

Olympus MJUii – Night time/ party camera, super fast and sharp lens, been tossed to the floor a few times (and has survived a couple of altercations with pissed off drunk folks!) and is a few years old and still going strong, perfect for nighttime Moriyama style street shooting, literally just point and shoot.

Konica Hexar AF – Daytime super fast auto focus and really sharp lens go to camera, really solidly built, enough control to get the shot you want or just full auto, again has hit the deck a few times and is totally fine, flash that came with it however didn’t make it past the second fall to the floor.

Fomapan 100 35mm film x2 – Cheap b+w film (cheapest on ebay at the minute I think) low ISO good for the Hexar with it’s top shutter of 250.

Fomapan 200 120mm film x2 – Cheapest 120 film again, I like the low noise for a medium format camera else whats the point, may as well just stick to 35mm!

Afga vistaplus 200 colour negative film x2 – £1 a roll from UK poundland stores, lurid colours, cheap as you like.

Abus bike lock – I ride a busted up road bike everywhere (not pictured) and this is a good enough lock to put off anyone who would want to steal such a piece of shit bike!

Blower and lens cloth – Keep those prime lens’ clean!

Notebook + pen – Jot down ideas for projects, quotes I come across that I like etc.

Library copy of Josef Koudelka 1984 Hayward Gallery retrospective – I work in a uni library with a really good photobook collection (Sheffield Hallam) so the book I carry around changes a lot, but this Koudelka book is really good, small enough to not be a burden but literally every shot is a classic, inspirational stuff.

Copy of zine ‘Middle Distance Portraits’- Zine I made recently and may well hand out another photographer if I come across one on my travels (I only have 2 copies left though!)


Thanks, love the site.


Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Dan. That is a really cool selection of gear. Great stuff.
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