In your bag No: 1349, Ginomatic
Gino was with us a while back with a totally different setup. This time he has mixed things up a little with some very interesting cameras put together for a trip to Hong Kong. My favourite place to shoot street.

Gino again here, here’s what I’ll bring to my vacation to Hong Kong and Macau by the last week of January. There is also a DSLR included but I’ll leave that to the hands of my wife. 

The bag is a Crumpler 7MDH it was on sale last December (70% off the original price) because the Crumpler distro here in Manila  has already closed.

Here’s what’s inside:

Yashicamat 124G

Horizon Perfekt

Lomo LC-A

Sekonic L308s

For film: (inside the jch case)

2 rolls Neopan SS 100

2 rolls Neopan 400

2 rolls Fuji C200

2 rolls colorplus 200

2 rolls Fujicolor 100

inside the 120 case

2 Neopan 400

2 Tri-X 400

1 Fuji Velvia 50 220.

Thanks for recommending Vishal, I’ll be meeting him there to bring some Rollei and JCH stuff back to Manila.

And also for Dotwell.


Thanks for coming back to us, Gino. I hope you had a good trip, HK is so much fun to shoot. I never take enough film.
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