In your bag number 190, Steve Richmond
Could this be the best bag-shot to date? It certainly is the most minimal that has ever been on JCH. A bloody Tesco’s bag! Fantastic!

Hello, I’m Steve Richmond, and I’m originally from Northern Ireland, but now live in London. I’ve been taking photographs since school. When I was 16, I was treasurer of my local photographic club.

Here’s a photograph of my bag. It’s a TESCO bag; quite popular in the UK. I find it to be quite sturdy and good at holding a range of objects in all weather conditions.

Also featured in the photograph is my camera, a Leica MP, with the popular Summicron 35mm lens. My keys include a RSA SecurID key, which I use for logging into work remotely. I also have a Barclays Cycle Hire key, which I’ve never used.


Brilliant Steve, I love it. Steve was featured last week on the site. You can see it here.
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