In your bag 1169, Robert Waehlt
A brace of classic cameras in todays bag, including a delightful hacked Kodak camera. Check it out.

Dear JCH people, dear Bellamy,

I am a great Fan of JCH for a while now and today I would like to share my bag with you all. I packed it for
a trip to the beautiful city of Budapest,Hungary with my better half. Working professionally only digitally, I went all
analog for this vacation.

I use the cheap drugstore film DM400 for colour; sometimes also Portras and Ektars. I stock up on the drugstore film whenever I am in Germany or Slovakia. For b&w I use HP5+ (120 and 135) which I develop in Adonal.

So what about the cameras? The SLR on top is a Porst CR-7 aka Fujica AX-5 with the 50 1.6. I like the very sharp and contrasty lens. I have a winder for it as well but it adds unnessary weight to the camera when traveling. I feed it mostly with color negative film.

Then there is the Olympus XA which resides in the pocket of my jacket. It is usually loaded with HP5+ or DM400. I really enjoy shooting with it. Everybody thinks it is a toy. I have little section on my personal blog which I call XA-Tales, where I post images which I shot exclusively with this little gem.

And finally there is the 620 folder; a Kodak Junior 620 (6×9) from the 1930ies. When I got it, it had dust, dirt and fungus. I took it apart and cleaned it. I put it back together and to my surprise it was still working. It is a pain to load it with film. Since there is no 620 film produced anymore, it is necessary to modify 120 film with a scissor and sandpaper. It produces nice sharp images on HP5+ though. The camera features a 105mm f7.7 Kodak-Anastigmat lens, three different shutter speeds and scale focusing. Using Adonal is critical to get (consistent) results.

The bag is a T.eigenSinn Berlin bag that has been custom made for me. It is made of a soft yet durable material. It is unobstrusive and extremely versatile.

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Thanks, for reading. Thanks for creating JCH Bellamy!

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Robert. Nice to hear you are hacking the kodak to keep on shooting it.
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