In your bag 1133, KW O’Keeffe
KW may only have been into photography for a short time, but he has really fallen in deep. Check out this cameras.

My name is KW O’Keeffe & I’ve been taking photos semi seriously since early 2013 so I still consider myself very much a beginner – my motto is 1 part skill, 5 parts luck!

Primarily I’m a digital shooter, first owning a Sony Nex 5 before moving onto a Sony a57 & then my current camera the Sony a99 which at the moment does everything I need it to but alas is not in the picture as it’s currently my only digital body.

Much to my wife’s annoyance I started collecting & shooting vintage cameras six months ago & have a nice budget collection, I’d love to be able to afford a Leica like a lot of the other people showing off their bags but it’s not on the horizon at the moment so I like to play with old Russian medium format cameras & other junk shop & eBay bargains I manage to pick up – the big hulk in the photo is a Kiev 60 with a Vega 12B lens which I’ve christened ‘Boris’. These cameras are notorious for their weird frame spacing & broken counters but mine is thankfully working correcting plus it’s an absolute brick of a thing which I can easily use as a weapon should anyone try to mug me!


The light meter pictured is an old Polaris one with a 10 degree spot attachment which I mainly use with my medium format cameras (I also own a Mamiya 645e).

My SLR of choice is a Minolta XG-M (Sony/Minolta brand loyalty!) with Rokkor 50mm f1.7, a fantastic light camera with a trusty meter. I also use a Carl Zeiss 35mm Flektogon on it as well as on my a99, renders lovely warm images.

The other medium format in my bag is the Yashica Mat 124g, lovely and light compared to Boris & the waist level finder is gorgeous. One of those special cameras that’s just fun & a pleasure to take pictures with.

I don’t use a lot of flash unless I’m specifically shooting portraits but I always pop a Yongnuo YN-560II in just in case. Again, like a lot of my gear, it’s cheap but gets the job done.

Also included are a small notebook, ND & polarizing filters & my OnePlus One smartphone which is useful for timelapse video & timing long exposures. My ‘carry every day’ tripod is small, cheap & light – the Hama Traveller Mini Pro. Gets the job done & fits nicely on the top section of the bag.

Lastly, my actual bag! I purchased this from Amazon & it’s a T’Nb shoulder bag, no, I’d never heard of the brand either but it’s a great bag – nicely padded & solid, the feet on the bottom are a nice touch & it sits perfectly upright without flopping everywhere. Most importantly for me it doesn’t look like a camera bag, it fits most of the gear & I think it looks pretty cool to boot!

My photo page is here :

Cheers mate!

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, KW. Lets hope nobody is daft enough to mug you with that beast in your bag.
Check it out and make sure you come and comment.

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