In your bag No: 1263, Albert Ayala
Albert is NOT a first time on in-your-bag (despite me thinking that he is for some daft reason). And he steps up to the wicket with a very strong bag. Very simple, but very different cameras, and the bare minimum of bits. This is a no-nonsense film shooters bag. Check it out.

I have been a follower of you for quite some time. My name is Albert and I am from San Diego California, and photography is one of my creative outlets. I am a co-contributer for a photography collective called ANTI-PHOTO ( This is my second entry (bag 1116 was my first).

This is my smaller camera setup. So here is what is in my bag:

-Domke F-8 bag
-Leica Mini Zoom
-Leica CL w/ 40mm Summicron
-Olympus XA
-Moleskine notepad
-lens brush
-Krink markers, Sharpie
-Japan Camera Hunter film case

instagram: @NATTYDREADZ

Again, I greatly appreciate what you are doing. Keep film alive!

Albert A.

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Albert. It is not just me, all of you guys and girls that get involved are helping to keep film alive. Keep them coming.
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Keep them coming folks, we need more submissions, so get your bag on

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