In your bag 1112, Jon Decker
Check out this one. A pro bag, with a film twist. And this is just one of Jon’s bags. Check it out.

My name is John Decker and I’m 54 and live in California. I’ve been shooting as a full time pro since 1984 – mostly for newspapers, but I now have my own business shooting politics, events, editorial, commercial, some weddings – basically whatever comes along (except babies).

So this bag – it is a Domke F-1X Ballistic bag and it has three cameras in it.

A Pentax 67 mounted with the 105mm f/2.4 lens

Additional lenses include

165mm f/2.8

90mm f/2.8

55mm f/4

Also in there is a Rolleiflex Tessar f/3.5

And a bag of mixed nuts – I always try to have some food in my bag – you never know when you are going to get hungry and not be able to run off to get some food.

For things moving fast I have a Canon EOS 1V with a Canon 50mm f/1.2 lens.

For film I have some Ilford HP5 for the 35mm and an assortment of film for the 120 cameras – Ilford XP2, Kodak 400 Portra, Kodak 800 Porta and a roll of Fujicolor Pro400H. Film is always changing in my bag – I usually carry a few rolls of 120 Ilford 3200 and some HP5.

Straps on the Canon and Rolleiflex are from Domke.

My first camera was a Minolta SRT 101 with a 50mm f/1.4 lens. I later switched to the Canon F-1 (original) and used that as my pro gear when I first started doing photojournalism. In 1993 I bought my first EOS cameras (A-2) and lenses.

Currently I have digital, film and instant cameras in a lot of bags. I’ll have to share more in the future.

This bag is one I use when I feel like having some fun and want some options to choose from. I usually use it to photograph people and sometimes take this to weddings and see what inspires me (usually the Pentax at weddings).

You can find more of my photography on the web at or or on Instagram @rollfilmster or Facebook at I’m also on twitter @JohnDecker.

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Jon. I cannot wait to see you others.
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