In your bag 1110, Dave Disley
Dave has some pretty lovely bits and bobs in his very colourful bag. Come and check this one out.

My name is Dave Disley and I’m from the UK (Bolton, Lancashire to be exact).
I started in photography when I was about 14 after my step-dad gave me one of his old folders from the 50’s. I then progressed on to a Practika MTL5 and then had a brace of Olympus OM-2’s, which unfortunately met their demise whilst I was serving in the Army (1985 – 2003).
Whilst in the forces, I bought an Olympus XA (much easier to carry around) and used that for many years for taking the odd snapshot during my travels. As a result, I know have boxes of old negs waiting to be scanned.
The advent of the digital age meant that many people traded in their old film cameras but weren’t really getting much for them. As a result, some very folks decided, as they knew I loved photography (and in particular film cameras) to simply give me their old equipment. When the Army went digital in the early 2000’s, I also managed, ahem, “retrieve” a few items destined for the scrap heap as well! I now have quite a collection of film cameras of all sizes & marques.
I’ve recently dug out my old enlarger (after nearly 28 years) & am getting back into the swing of developing my own films & prints again, although I think I should invest in a decent scanner as a nod to the digital world & for ease of use.


Anyway, in the picture you can see my “main” carry around kit i.e. the gear I use most. (I usually only take one of the Rollei’s at a time out though). This consists of:

Rolleicord Va Type 2

Rolleiflex  3.5 Type 1 (1937/38)

Nikon FE2

Nikon 50mm Ais F1.8

Nikon 28mm F2.8 Series E

Nikon 105mm Ai F2.5

Nikon 135mm Ai F3.5

Weston Euro-Master Light Meter

Hoya 52mm Thread Filters (Red, Orange, Yellow & Green/Yellow)

Rollei Bay 1 Filters (Red, Yellow & Green)

Rollei Bay 1 Lens Hood

Hoya Cable Release

Nikon Microfiber lens cloth

Billingham 225 Canvas Shoulder Bag to tote it all around in.

I mainly shoot anything that catches my eye & don’t have one particular subject that I concentrate the most on and I don’t have a website of Flickr Page, although that will be remedied shortly.

I hope you’ve enjoyed looked at my cameras as much as I enjoy using them. One day I may get around to posting a mass picture of the rest of my collection.

Keep up the good work and thanks for an excellent site.


Thanks for sharing your gear with us, Dave. Glad to hear you could ‘save’ some stuff from the army.
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