In your bag 1059, Adrien Saint-Pierre
Adrien has a camera bag that doesn’t really look like a camera bag. Check it out.

Hi Everyone!

My name is Adrien and I’m a 25 years old French guy. I currently live in Manchester, UK where I’m finishing my PhD in electrical engineering (I need my freedom and my life back, seriously). I am mostly interested in street and travel photography.  I used to shoot exclusively a DSLR but I got bored and I am now trying to make the all process last longer. I don’t consider myself as a good photographer but I enjoy doing it a lot, it’s as simple as that.

In my bag:

– Bronica ETRS + 75mm f/2.8: I’ve got that camera recently and I love it. I am always trying to get the more bang for the buck given my fairly limited budget and this camera is a must. It’s relatively compact, minimalistic, and it’s built like a tank. Accessories (grip, prism finder) are a bit pricey but that’s not a big deal since you don’t really need them.

– Matin neoprene comfort strap with quick release: Ugly looking but very functional and comfortable strap. I find it convenient to be able to release the strap when I shoot with a tripod/monopod.

– Sekonic l-308s: A great companion to non-metered film cameras. Could be cheaper but it does the job well.

– Couple of rolls of film: Acros 100 for B&W, my favourite because of its incredible dynamic range and very pleasing results. Portra 400, well, colours are really nice, it’s forgiving, what more to expect?

– Fuji X100s: I’ve got it on my trip to Japan last month (much cheaper than here) and I fell in love. This is the camera that follows me everywhere I go. There is not a lot to dislike about it, everything is great: lens, sensor, the ergonomics.

– Extra batteries for the X100s: This would be my major complaint about this camera, battery life is ridiculous. Fortunately, non-fuji batteries are cheap and hold the charge very well.

– Couple of accessories: JJC lens adapter and hood + B+W protection glass because this way I don’t even need a lens cap. Cheap thumbs up grip and soft release button. A+A strap, I know everybody praises them but I am not really impressed and I almost could have got a sweet QL17 for that money…

– A nice messenger bag that does not scream “I’m stuffed of outrageously expansive photo gear, steal me”. I found the orange padded insert in Yodobashi, it fits nicely and I’m good to go with a discrete looking bag.

To sum up, nothing fancy or too esoteric, I try to keep it as “pure” as possible. A pretty simple bag that is not a pain to carry. I enjoy it much more since I stopped bringing systematically all the DSLR gear that I own. I use it now to scan my 120 negatives with a macro lens.

Check out my pictures if you fancy:


Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Adrien. That Bronica would no doubt save you in a robbery situation.
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