In your bag 1052, Oliver Evans
Oliver has a very nice bag for a 20 year old. Youngsters these days eh, with their fancy range of cameras. Check it out.

I’m Oliver and this is my camera bag (one of them anyway), I’m a 20 year old photography student from London. I’ve been into photography my whole life but only picked up a camera about 4 years ago and i don’t think I’ve really put it back down since.

I often prefer the rangefinder or rangefinder style of camera, this is because my eyes aren’t exactly 20/20 and i sometimes struggle to focus with an SLR, saying that one of my favourite cameras ever is the Canon AE-1.

The bag I use is the Billingham Hadley Pro because it looks the best, and on this day I decided to carry my trusty Fujifilm Xpro-1, probably the most used camera in my collection, with the beautiful 18mm F2. I also had the Industar-22(50mm f3.5) from my Zorki 1 rangefinder, this lens doesn’t get much use, but it makes some lovely pictures on the fuji. As well as the fuji i was carrying an actual rangefinder in the shape of the Kiev 4a(Contax copy) with the Jupiter-8m 50mm f2, with the choice of either Agfa vista 400 or ilford XP2(I ended up using the XP2 just cause it felt right).

Also in the bag: Waterproof kagool(because I live in London)

Notebook and pen

University pass

Sekonic flashmate I-308s light meter


My website-

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Oliver. I have not seen a Zorki for a long time.
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