In your bag 982, Nick Koh
Todays bag is possible the only bag that has contained a chewy bone. Oh, and some lovely cameras too.

I’d like to feature my Domke F-2 on your “In Your Bag” section.
As you can see, I’ve managed to squeeze in FOUR cameras in the roomy F-2. I usually shoot on location so weight is not much of a consideration.

I currently have the following stuffed in:

– Sony A7r w/ Zeiss Sonnar 50mm

– Olympus PEN EE-S Half-frame camera

– Leica M3 w/Leicameter and 90mm Elmar

– Leica M6 w/50mm Summicron Collapsible + G-filter

– JCH’s very own film box with 9 rolls of assorted films (Ilford PAN, Arista Premiums, TMAX 400)

– Red and Circular Polarising Filters

– Moleskine from EYE Museum in Amsterstam w/pen

– Air-blower and cable release

– Dog treats and chew toy!

I spend lots of time shooting shelter and adopted dogs so the dog treats and chew toy come in handy when trying to get energetic puppies to sit still for once. The dog treats are homemade by my girlfriend.

I do not have the benefit of fast AF to nail my shots, as all my cameras are manual or zone-focused, On the plus side – I am getting quite handy with zone and trap focusing!

I love shooting film! Developing my own rolls gives me a satsifaction that I am unable to find when shooting digitally. It also ingrained good habits like eyeballing exposure, manual focusing and reducing my chimping habits.

The Leicas are my main film workhorses, and I use the 90mm on my M3 due to the .91x VF and the 50mm on my M6. The Olympus is for candids and location scouting/visualisation. I’ve just taken some test shots to determine the zone focusing distances – I would love to contribute the results of that to your site!

Currently, I shoot mostly street, architecture or portraiture. I’m figuring out the best settings for long-exposure photography on film, so that’s going to be my next project! Future experiments include manual flash photography with my M6/Oly!

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Thanks for sharing your bag, Nick. Some lovely gear there.
Check out the links and make sure you come and comment.

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