In your bag 430, Francois Constant
Francois has been on the site before. And he is back with a new and improved bag. Come and see the difference.

My name is François Constant, i’m 24 and I live in France.

I’ve already been featured one year ago (#88, but I wanted to show you the evolution of my bag.

I still shoot black and white films only (I tried color films but… Didn’t like it), and I’m still passionned about street photography.

I always have my camera around my neck when I leave my flat in Bordeaux, ready to take shots.

This is a really cool city for street photography.
Here is my « every day bag » :
Billingham Hadley Pro.
Still here, very cool bag, very resistant.

Leica M7 x 35mm Summicron-ASPH.
I love this camera (and all Leica M cameras actually…), especially for its A mode and the sound of the shutter. The 35mm Summicron is marvelous too, that’s my favorite lens on a ragefinder.
I also have a M6 that I keep as a back up or that I take out when it’s too rainy.

Leica SF20.
I try sometimes to shoot with a flash but it is really difficult. I’m just starting to get a bit closer to people I take pictures of and I still dread their reactions, and as you are much more visible when you flash them in the face…

Rolleiflex 2.8f.
I actually don’t carry it everyday because I like to travel light, but I try to take it as often as possible to take some portraits.

Some TriX 400 in 135 and 120. This is my favorite film. I always push it by 1 or 2 stops to shoot street. Developped in Rodinal (1+100) or D76 if i’m in a hurry.

Iphone 4s.
To be always connected and take some #cameraporn pictures on instagram.

Sekonic L308-S. Sometimes usefull when light conditions are weird.

My passeport and my wallet.

A little Moleskine with a permanent pen to write ideas down and mark my films when they are done.

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Check out that bag. I love the layout and the simplicity. Thanks for sharing that with us Francois.
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