In your bag 978, Stefan Teufelsbauer
Stephan joins us to share his bag from Austria. Throw another shrimp on the barbeeeee!

Let me say hello to the Japan Camera Hunter and his followers,

it is interesting what things some photographers carry with them and I mean things like handwash soap, mini color checkers or even lipsticks (yes I like the camera bag photos of the ladies *g*).

First of all I am an Austrian guy which lives with his family near vienna. I am 30 years old and started with photography as a hobby in 2004. Now I want to introduce you my camera bag and what I carry with me most of the time. On the picture you see my main gear which means that I have a lot more stuff in my photo-cupboard (there are sometimes negotiations between my wife and me when I want a new toy *g*). Most of the time i shot with my Leica M7 and the Carl Zeiss Planar 50/2 or Elmarit 28/2.8 Asph. In street situations I prefer the Carl Zeiss Biogon 35/2.8. It let enough light through to shot from my waist.

Since I also shoot 120 film I had a lot of MF Cameras. Hasselblad, Mamiya, Bronica and so on. Now I stopped at my loved Rolleiflex 3.5T. That´s because there is no Lens changing, magazine changing, heavy weight bodies – just a small camera and the film. Nevertheless for me it is a very flexible broadband camera. I use it for streets, landscape, architecture and so on.

Finally there is my Nikon FM2 on the picture. This is my first film camera and for my taste nearly the best camera I ever had. The Nikkor optics are sharp as razor blades, they work smooth and reliable. Once I was a hole day in rain there was no damage on my Nikon (only blurry pictures because of the wet lens :-).

The small things you see are all very good assistances to shoot at very bright light, portraits or to support long time exposures. You see a cable release for night shots, longtime exposure and so on, some filters like ND0.9, 3 or orange and yellow, a lenspen (after having lunch a good friend if you know what I mean), a lightmeter from Sekonic, and a Leatherman.

My favorite film are Kodak Tri-x, Agfa APX100, Ilford HP5+, Ilford PanF, efke 25 (my last 6 rolls for SPECIAL fotos which never come, you know), Ilford XP2. I am not a really good friend of color films. We have an complicated relationship. When try to get friend with him I take the Ektar 100 or Porta 400/800.

Finally my favorite shots are…..I have no favorite. I shoot anything I get infront of my lens. You will find portraits, architecture, landscapes, nature, streets, etc. in my galeries.

So I hope you liked reading my “In your bag?” blog entry. I´m looking forward to connect with you through tumblr, twitter and so on.

Have a nice day,

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Stefan. Nice to see that EFKE. I miss it.
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