In your bag No: 1630 – John Scott

Digital but sexy nevertheless, John loves his minimal Leica setup with a Q and M in hand.

My name is John and I am a creative director and photographer working in Singapore.
I am a total camera geek and I love to take a camera with me wherever I go – so the Leica Q/M kit is the perfect travel companion. 

I have collected and traded a number of cameras and lenses over the years but the kit in my bag today consists of: 

Leica Q
The Q is my go to camera for everything candid on the go. When I have my boys with me I don’t want to be carrying around a big camera with a bunch of lenses. All I need is a beautiful prime (29mm f1.7 in this case) and a simple camera body.

Leica M (typ240)
The M240 is my artistic companion. Yes its a bit thick, yes its a bit of an outcast in the Leica M rangefinder club, but I love my little-ish outcast. Solid construction, with a decent sensor paired with amazing glass, the M240 is my travel alone and wander the streets camera. I have even shot portraits for an advertising campaign using it!

Voigtlander 15mm f4.5 II
This is my favourite lens ever. Super wide, kind of fast (compared to the f5.6 12mm and 10mm brothers). The view the 15mm gives me is amazing. The only downside is the discolouration due to the rear element being to close to the M240 sensor. I am saving my pennies to get the mark 3 version that corrects this problem. But I love shooting black & white so this isn’t such a problem.

Voigtlander 40mm f1.2
My portrait, low light, mini light eater. Yes this is a bit of an odd focal length but I like it. Not too tele, not too wide. Paired with my 15mm and I have a great near and medium combo. The character this lens gives me is amazing and I find this lens stuck on the M240.

Leica EVF
The EVF is a nice addition but I don’t really use it as I prefer viewing the world through the rangefinder window and frame lines. It is a handy little tool when shooting wide open at night but honestly I’ve never had an issue with the rangefinder window.

GoPro Hero 7
I never really bought into the GoPro 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6.1, 6.2, etc. I did subscribe to the marketing hype when I heard about the “gimble-like footage” and luckily I can vouch for the claim. The 7 is purely a video cam that I use to create time-lapses or unusual angles that my bigger cams can’t get to.

MatchTechnical Thumbs up grips
Nested snugly into the hot-shoe of the M and Q is a MatchTechnical thumbs up grip.
These are quality, metal constructed, grip assists that I have bought for almost every camera I have owned.

SD card case
This is a no frills model. It holds 12 SD cards ( 24 if you really want to squeeze ’em in). Water proof, drop proof, almost anything proof, this case has some battle damage but the SD cards inside have always remained safe.

Ok so this ones a bit of a cheat. I don’t always carry my iPad with me, mainly my iPhone X, but the iPad is a useful tool to view images on and to do some minor edits. I’ve had a bunch of these and they’re all the same – a big touch screen, some basic editing tools like VSCO or PS mobile and a heap of baby cartoons saved to distract my kiddies on our travels.

Leatherman knife
You never know when you need to cut some wire, twist a screw out, or imitate Bear Grylls should you find yourself in a zombie apocalypse or some other scenario that requires you to man up. The Leatherman is my trusted disaster companion.

Watch and Bling
iWatch, Tissot, whatever watch this is. It helps tell the time so I know when to make my way to the streets for magic hour.
The bling, well that’s just to attempt to look a bit cooler and Gnome & Bow make the best bling with modern twists on old school stories.

Peak Design bag
Last but not least is Peak Design sling. I am a huge Peak Design fan boy and early Kickstarter backer. I have slings, bags, backpacks, clips, straps, clip straps, strap bags, bag strap clips, really everything they have made. Just a small company making quality products, and helping give a bit back in the process. Love their work!

And that’s a wrap!

Thanks for reading.


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