Film News: Fujifilm’s latest price hike to not affect B&W films

Lovers of Fujifilm film are now scrambling to stockpile rolls with the latest news of yet another price increase. Last night on their website they announced that major price hikes are coming to its films, reportedly north of 30% starting from April Fool’s Day no less. In addition, all of their photographic papers will see prices hiked as well with the minimum increase being “double digits”:

FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno), the leader in photographic products, is announcing that it will implement a worldwide price revision for its photographic films and photographic papers. Fujifilm has always provided the highest quality products to the global market. Over the past several years, Fujifilm has faced the rising cost of raw materials and logistics. In the past Fujifilm has absorbed some of the costs by undertaking intensive structural reforms and communalization of production facilities, but as a responsible manufacturing company and to provide the high-quality products our customers expect, the company will institute a price increase.

Fear not, for the price hike will not affect their B&W film lineup…mainly because they don’t have any. Acros and Neopan went the way of the Dodo last year. So no more black and white film, rolls of Velvia will be in the neighborhood of $20 USD a pop and Pro 400H prices will be on par with Portra. But they do care about their film shooters and to show their support for the film community they’ve recently released this new website as their contribution to keep film alive!