In your bag 976, Duncan King
Duncan has a pretty sweet setup for a 16 year old. And that is a spiffing M6, I wonder where he got that from?

my name is Duncan and I am a 16 year old from the San Francisco Bay Area. I like to shoot photos whenever possible, and usually use a mix of film and digital.
Typically, I’m out and about with family, on a hike or some activity of that ilk. I use film 70% of the time, but sometimes I need my photos immediately (to post to Facebook or to share with friends), so that’s when I’ll use digital.
Anyway, my bag includes the following items:

My beloved Leica M6 and his partner in crime, the Zeiss 50mm f/2 Planar. They are absolutely amazing. The Zeiss lenses produce amazing images and the Leica (which I bought from Bellamy) is a joy to use. They are not too big but are still heavy enough to make me feel secure with one in my hands. I also have an Artisan and Artist cloth strap on it, as well as all the caps for the camera and lens.

My Ricoh GR. The GR compliments the Leica perfectly. It is quick and easy to use, and produces images better than the old DSLR my dad gave me. I love having a camera I can fit in my pocket.

A JCH film case. I usually fill my case with Portra 400, Ektar, and Tri-X, but I also have some Fuji films and even some Ilford in there right now. It’s generally chaotic.

An external battery. This one is for my phone. I use it on long days when my phone is constantly roaming and draining its battery.

My Moleskine notebook and pen. These were actually a gift from the teacher of a photography workshop I attended at one of the local art colleges. Since then I haven’t been able to go out without it.

A Hoya branded microfiber cloth. A necessity in every photographer’s bag. Although I don’t know where this one came from. It just… Showed up.

Tissues and Advil. You never know when a stuffy nose or headache might strike, so I like to plan ahead and be prepared.

My dad’s Silk Mini-Pro tripod. Admittedly, I don’t use this guy all that much. But I like to carry it around in my bag for some creative peace of mind. It doesn’t weigh that much after all.

My Nintendo DS Lite, with Pokemon Platinum and Emerald versions inside. I keep this for long car rides and plane trips.

All this fits Tetris-style in a slightly modified (I ripped off some unnecessary Velcro) National Geographic bag. Not everything here is always in the bag, at some times it’s just my Leica and film. At others it doesn’t have cameras in it at all! But this is a good representation of what I would bring on a week long vacation.

Additionally, I carry my sunglasses on my face, my phone and wallet in one pocket, and my Westone earbuds and key in the other.

You can see my work here:
(The Flickr is a little bit less filtered, so to speak. My Tumblr is only the photos I really like.)

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Duncan. Nice to see the M6 rocking along.
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