In your bag 941, Ghebosu Florin Emil
We don’t get all that many bags from Romania, but Ghebosu shares with us his bag today. And it is a real beauty. Check it out.

Hello, my name is Ghebosu Florin Emil and I’m a romanian guy, passionate about photography and a big fan of japancamerahunter.

I use two bags in my journey with photography. For everyday use, I will take the small one, it’s a converse bag upgraded by me, to protect and hide my gear better, and the nikon FM2n with the 50/1.8 Af-D or the Fuji X-Pro 1 with Industar 26m/Industar 61. I use any kind of 35mm film, but T-Max 400 and Fuji Superia are the ones that I like more than any other film.

I love street photography and any kind of photography. The Nikon FM2n makes me feel more satisfied in taking pictures than the digital ones. It’s a great camera build like a tank, that will never let me down. I got the nikon and fm2 words covered with pvc tape to minimize distraction on the streets. I use it daily. Fuji X-pro 1 is a great camera for street photography and it’s my low light option on the street. It’s fantastic for using old rangefinder prime lens. I like it because it remembers me the contax g2 that I had once, and unfortunately I don’t have it anymore..

The Canon 70D with 18-135 IS STM is a Canon prize that I won here in Romania, and it’s a great camera for travel photography. It gives me more freedom and it helps me a lot in microstock photography, travel and landscape photography. I don’t use it on street photography, it’s a great camera for everything don’t get me wrong, but on the street, you have to shoot with the feeling that only a rangefinder camera can give you.

I love photography very much and I will shoot until my last day of this great life, it brings me joy.

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Thanks for sharing your bag with us Ghebosu. I love your passion for photography.
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