In your bag No: 1547 – Dominic Palubiski

Dom packs a pretty comprehensive set up in a backpack when he’s on the road. Check it out.

Hello my name is Dom and I’m here with my extra-large, long haul travel bag. I am a British-Canadian who grew up in Dubai and Japan and am currently living in the U.K. for university. Luckily with all these countries in my background I get to do quite a few flights a year visiting relatives and new places. I love shooting with slide film and getting to develop it all myself (one of my degree’s is in chemistry), especially as this saves so much money and the university has its own dark room I now manage. But I do occasionally shoot black and white for the look (but I miss the colors) and color negative for the speed (but I miss the developing). Here is what I usually take with me, hope you enjoy it.

Just before I start a small disclaimer; I don’t carry all of this when I’m on holiday. This is what I’ll have on my flights with me, then leave stuff at the hotel per how lazy I feel on the day (that Bronica set up weights so much!!).

Bronica SQ-A with 80 mm f/2.8, 40 mm f/4, and 150 mm f/4, along with a second back: This is my most recent camera after getting to use some friends medium format cameras and just falling in love with the look and quality of those medium format negatives/slides. If it didn’t weight anything and people moved slower so I could focus and meter it would be my only camera but alas it is not.

Nikon FM3a with 50 mm f/1.2, 24 mm f/2.8, and self-modified Helios 58 mm f/2: This camera was a graduating present from my dad (thank you so much!) and is my go to for every day shooting. The 50 mm lens I was not planning on ever owning but after finding it second hand in Japan (thank you Bellamy for the brilliant camera store guides) for much less then I would be able to get it here my heart won over my wallet. The other two are cheap but amazing lenses, with the Helios especially cheap and fun so I can get to see the internals of a lens and lean a bit about fixing and modifying lenses (my other degree is in engineering).

Olympus Trip 35: This is a stunning little camera and as it’s the first ever film camera I owned I don’t think I’ll ever be able to give it up. This is for when I’m feeling exceptionally lazy and leave everything except it and a spare roll of film at home. But it never fails to impress and I have many amazing photos off that little guy.

Provia 100F, Velvia 50, Portra 400, TMax 100, Ilford 3200; I make sure I have lots of film to shoot across a wide range of conditions but my most used stock is Provia. I love the way the slides look and the colors in the images, especially when shooting friends and relatives. Velvia is my go to when using my Bronica due to the amazing colors, but usually requires me to bring the tripod as well which can be hard to accept.

Alongside these items are my passports, phone (loaded with music) and headphones, Kindle to save that little bit of space and weight, wallet, filters, tripod and spare batteries. Finally, is a memory of my time in Japan and the most useful tool for opening those battery compartments, a 100 Yen coin (all the Nikon manuals have them as the coin of choice I found out).

I love being able to travel around the world with relatively little cost (my parents out in Dubai still get free flights “home” once a year from work for themselves and their children) and just getting to see everything from the Rocky Mountains to the deserts of Dubai to the canals of Venice in a year is incredible. It is not lost on me the privilege I have being able to do all of this and I like to make it worthwhile while I’m there shooting some amazing photos (probably not but good enough for me) and being able to show people for years to come the wonderful places I have been.

Thank you and I hope you have enjoyed reading about what is in my bag,




Thanks for sending in your bag shot Dom, very versatile indeed covering medium format, 35mm SLR and compact all in one bag.

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