In your bag 876, Jay chang
Todays bag is pretty cool. A military bag gas mask bag with a full on Soviet era camera inside. Come and check it out.

My name is Jay. I am an first year architecture student in Chicago, but I spent the first two thirds of my life in Korea, and the last third in Istanbul until I moved here. My father loved photography although I sometimes think he liked the cameras themselves more than the act of shooting (but don’t we all?)

One day I wanted to try film photography. Perhaps it was the exhibition of large format negatives at Istiklal that inspired me, but I went ahead and ordered the cheapest 35mm film camera I could find on the Turkish equivalent of eBay. The Sovient FED3b has been with me since then and, although I had to take it apart several times for adjustment, it has served me well. Recently I started dabbling my feet in the MF territory and I am absolutely loving it.

This is my every day carry:

Finnish gas mask bag. So cheap, but military grade quality.

Bronica ETRSi + 75mm EII. It is truly a beast, but to me its weight is justified by the quality of negatives it captures.

FED3b + Industar 61 Zebra. It just keeps going. Falling onto concrete, no problem. I actually have used it as a hammer when it was absolutely necessary.

Sekonic L-158 & JTL LM-8 Lightmeter. Usually the Sekonic stays in my pocket and the JTL in the bag. When the lighting gets too tricky for the decades old selenium cells, the JTL comes out.

Anker external battery. For obvious reasons.

Off brand lens pen. Again, for obvious reasons.

Spare Opteka battery. For Canon EOS M that I sometimes carry instead of FED. I just keep it in the bag most of the times, and charge it every so often.

Burt’s beeswax. Chicago’s winter is crazy cold.

Ilford HP5+ 400. For both 35mm and 120 I shoot Ilford HP5+. Because I develop in my dorm, it’s easier for me to use a single type of film.

Terroir Knife. It’s a knife.

Some pencils and ink + Montblanc Slimline in pocket. It’s my dad’s old fountain pen that I am ‘borrowing’ from him.

Machine Era Wallet. Slim, and heavy. in a good way.

Thank you Bellamy for maintaining this haven for film photographers in the age of dslrs.
You can find some of my work on:

Jay Chang

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Jay. That Finnish gas mask bag is pretty badass.
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