In your bag No: 611, Dennis Carlson
Dennis is a skater. He is also a photographer. That is a combo that I have a great deal of affinity with, as I was a skater way back when. Come and have a look what Dennis uses to catch other skaters.

My names Dennis Carlson and I’m a photographer from Upland located in Southern California. I am a skateboarder who likes to document my travels and daily experiences through photographs. This is the reason why I have no bag, I like to stay light so I can be out there skateboarding through the streets not having to worry about my gear all the time.

My camera’s are as follows; A Leica M7 with a Voigtlander 35mm/2.5 P II, a Fujifilm XE1 with a 18mm/2.0 (28mm FOV), a Contax T3, and a Olympus Stylus Epic. My favorite film is Fujifilm Neopan 400. 400 Is my favorite ISO because I think it handles all situations well. My color choice is Portra 400, when I shoot color.

I like to take street snap shots in Downtown Los Angeles, which I live about 40 minutes away from. Also skateboarding shots which are a bit more challenging and makes it more rewarding when you nail it. And anything else that seems interesting to me.


I post my photos on Tumblr;

I have attached a favorite photo of mine I took when I first got my M7.

Many thanks for the bag and the pic, Dennis. I would be worried about riding and dropping my Leica, but then, I slammed ALL the time.
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