In your bag 316, Frits Vandenweghe
Todays bag is definitely a designers bag, just look at how it is laid out. Although, I still cannot see the bag anywhere. Still, this is a very nice little setup. Let’s see what it is all about.

Hi there,

First I like to say I really like the “show what’s in your bag” posts a lot, it’s great to see what other people are lugging around.

My name is Frits Vandenweghe and I’m an visual design/advertising student from Belgium with a small passion of “collecting” cameras. Though I don’t have a large collection I do use a load of cameras to shoot. My main interest is slr’s and higher end rangefinders. Though I do have some twin lens reflexes as well. but enough talking about stuff I don’t show (and use that much).

When I set out for shooting I usually have to make some compromises with myself on what gear I’m gonna take along. It usually is the question: “digital, analog or medium format). When that choice is made I can pack my bag which is actually just a regular black Carhartt Parcel backpack.

My digital camera is a 7D with a 50 1.4 and a 100 2.8 IS L I do have a 18-135 kit lens as well, though I don’t use it that much. (can’t show the camera, ’cause the picture is taken with it, duuuh)

When I go analog I have to choose between my greatest companion, my modified Canon AE-1 Program and the oh-so-awesome Hasselblad 501c.

When I take the AE-1 Program, it’ll have the 55 1.2 S.S.C. asph. on it. I do have some other FD lenses as well. a small 28 new FD, a 35-105, a 50 1.4 S.S.C. and a 135 3.5.

Mostly I’ll stick with that camera but when 1 Canon isn’t enough then the FTb QL gets the 2nd spot in the bag.

I can talk for hours about my AE-1 Program and why I really like it. It has some minor modifications to it, such as a backgrip and a silent mirror, though for now it doesn’t really matter ’cause it has the noisy power winder on it (though I’m gonna replace the motor in the near future).

(oh and the straps on the 2 canons are actually shoe laces, cheap solution for a long strap).

When I’m in a less “run ‘n gun” mood I take the great, awesome, beautiful hassie with me, together with the zeiss planar T*. Got to love that camera.

There’s some stuff that’s always in my bag and those are a small moleskine, some pens and liners. some empty film canisters, a Gautier cable release and a Sekonic L-308S.

So thats the gear I use most of the time, I really hope you like it.

Frits Vandenweghe

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Thanks for sharing your gear with us Frits. I love the layout on this. A very well done shot.
Check out Frits’ sites and make sure you come and comment.

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