In your bag 836, Nathan Liusvia
Every now and then we get a bag with an animal in the frame. And today we have Nathan’s cat gracing us with its presence. Check out this great bag.

My name is Nathan Liusvia.

I work in the financial industry in Singapore on weekdays and an aspiring photographer on weekends. I usually roam around from city to suburban areas to shoot any subject(s) that attract my attention. I’ve no specific shooting style in mind…did a couple of photography workshops in the past and realize that the best learning experience is by shooting and hanging out with like minded people.

So what’s in my bag?

My favorite camera, Leica. I’ve been shooting Leica for awhile now and am fortunate enough to get my hands on the M last year. I have several 50’s but the one that I use most are the rigid 50mm Summicron asph. Here what I have is the 50 Jahre edition with the hood on.

My other favorite lense is the nocti f0.95, on the camera body and wearing a ray ban in the shot. Only carry this lense when I have a specific shot in mind, otherwise stays in the dry cabinet.

I also have a Sekonic light meter which I carry around when I feel insecure about exposure on dodgy day weather.

iPad air and the 53′ pencil for blogging and inspiration…or when I’m lost.

Moleskine city guide notebook which I usually carry around during holiday and end up coming back untouched, because it look too nice to scribble anything on it. This one in the picture is the Kyoto version, one of my favorite cities in Japan.

The Leonardo sketch pencil, a gift from the missus, which I carry around most of the time…because it looks cool :)

I also carry a darker ND filter for the nocti for those extra bright days, a rocket blower, and my cabbie cap. I use a Mulberry messenger bag because it’s light and compact.

Might get a bigger bag next time to fit my ねこちゃん (she insists on being in the picture).

Last but not least, my website is


Thanks for sharing your bag with us Nathan. Always cool to see a pet getting involved.
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