In your bag No: 1371, Jady Bates
No, you are not seeing things, that is a blind-cane in this bag. But don’t let that fool you, Jady is a photographer despite the obvious difficulties. Check out this fantastic weekender bag.

I am a burgeoning photographer who shoots, develops and prints all my own black and white film. I have been shooting for a little over a year. I just got into Krappy Kamera 2016 and will be showing at SoHo Photo Gallery in March 2016.

In my bag are my photography tools which also include some of my dreams. For example, I carry my up-to-date and current passport in case I need to fly off ‘on a moment’s notice’ to Paris. This is as fundamental to me as carrying a few rolls of HP5 film because carrying both will, I fully expect, help materialize being just such a photographer who flies off to Paris at a ‘moment’s notice.’
Included, of course, in addition to film, are canisters – old Kodak ones for panache – just in case I need to unload a malfunctioning roll under my shirt and save the images.
The cameras here are my particular favorites of late: a Leica M3 (really is badass) with a 21mm Super Angulon lens and a 4×5 pinhole camera with a film cartridge ready and loaded in case the fancy strikes me.
The light meter is a one in a million piece these days and I would not sell it for the world.
I always carry my blind-cane, which folds up. I was, indeed, blind two years ago (surgeries saved my vision!), but when things go wonky – and they sometimes always go wonky –  I still need it.
A tripod is included because of the magnificent pinhole camera.
The SHOTS t-shirt is another dream I carry with me because the creed upon it inspires and reminds, as it should.
My headphones, gloves, and sunglasses go with me everywhere rain or shine.
Also, my business cards are always in my bag because you just never know who you might meet.
Lastly, but certainly not least – my endless plastic bags for lens covers, camera covers, film holders, poop bags, and even puddle balloons in compositional pinches.
My latest work can all be viewed at or
With all these objects I am set to capture WHAT REVEALS.

Best Regards,

Jady Bates

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Jady. You have a wonderful setup. I am very glad to hear that the surgeries were a success, keep up the good work.
Keep them coming folks, we need more submissions, so get your bag on

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