In your bag 776, Anugrah Dwi Prasetyo
Wait, another bag from Indonesia. This one comes from a young shooter with a passion for film. Come and check it out.

Hi! My name is Anugrah Dwi Prasetyo from Jakarta (Indonesia). I’m 16 years old senior high school student. I work at Provoke! Magazine, as the magazine representative in my school.
Lately in Jakarta, there are many teens that really into analog photography, many of them using SLRs or even plastic toy-cams. Some of my friends started to discover the joy of analog photography and how to process the films.

I started photography around 4 years ago and i started to love analog photography around 2 years ago. In the early time, i bought Canon AE-1 with Canon AC Lens which is an autofocus lens, but it doesn’t work at all. Then, i sell it and i bought Canon AE-1 Program.
I do more interest at street photography and sometimes stage photography. I read some e-books around the internet and some say that the rangefinder camera its better than the SLR when doing street photography, so i bought Canonet QL17 G-III.

Films. I often use Superia whatever is 100, 200, or even 400. I also used Kodak ColorPlus 200 once, and Fujichrome Provia few months ago but i haven’t process it. For BW films, i use Lucky SHD and ProXL which are now kinda rare in Jakarta.

Inside my bag are (i use some old Chinon 8mm camera bag that i bought in a flea market):

– Canon AE-1 Program + FD 50mm f/1.8 S.C + Motor Drive + Data Back + Flash

– Canon FTb QL + FL 50mm f/1.4

– Canon Canonet QL17 G-III

– JCH film case with a lot of stickers

– Fujifilm Superia 100 and 200

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Thank You!

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Anugrah. It is good to hear there are so many film shooters in Jakarta. Keep it up.
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