In your bag 838, Alessandro Melillo
Today we have a really cool bag from an urban artist based in Italy. This is probably the first bag we have had with a pipe inside too. Come and check it out.

I’m Alessandro, from Italy, I’m 39 and I’m an architect, urban sketcher and photographer. I was born in Piombino, on Tuscany’s beautiful coast and I’m based in Forte dei Marmi, just 150 km north of there.

I like film photography though I used to carry with me a Canon G11 as well. When it broke I suddenly discovered that I actually didn’t need a digital camera, so I just didn’t buy another and I’m happy with hybrid approach (i.e. shooting film and scanning it). The picture of my bag has been shot with my wife’s micro 4/3 ;-)

I love rangefinders but I also couldn’t separate from my Pentax MX, that’s why I use rangefinders for quick shots and my MX when I have time to plan a shot.

That’s not all my gear, as I own many other film cameras, first among all my YashicaMat first model which I find perfect for shooting street.

Actually, street photography is my main interest in the photography field though I also like reportage and travel photography.

But let’s go to the index. Apart from my Kalahari bag, which I use both for photography and everyday tasks, you can see, left to right and top-down:

– a fudepen, japanese water brush pen I bought in Takayama

– a Lamy Safari fountain pen filled with bulletproof Noodler’s Lexington Grey ink

– some small origami paper squares (I’m fond of it)

– a small sponge

– film. this time you see Rollei Digibase 200 (slides) and Tri-X

– my aluminium case for Micron pens and a Platinum brush pen with black waterproof ink

– cotton rope for anything that needs to be fixed, blocked or hung

– inversion ring for macros and lens cap

– earphones for use with any device

– Pentax MX with its SMC 50 mm f/1.7 and a nylon strap which belonged to my father.

– bunch of A6 sized 300 g/m^2 cards, for sketching. On them, a legal excerpt explaining that I can shoot in railway areas, as in Italy shooting main strategic targets is forbidden by a law of the 40’s. Anyone knows that the railways actually allow photography in public access areas, though, and as I’m fond of shooting people in stations and trains I constantly find myself discussing with railway staff which would like to stop me shooting or force me to delete my shots (!)

– small Indian rosewood box filled with liquorice

– matches

– flake tobacco and pipe

– portable watercolor set and a piece of blotting paper to clean the brush

– one of my rangefinders. This time it’s the Ricoh 500 RF

– my Leatherman Charge multitool. Way sturdier and practical than lame swiss army knives

I post my photographs in parallel on my blog and my flickr account.
I’m @alex_melillo on Twitter
And my main website is

From there one can reach also my urban sketching blog.
Keep up the good work, I love your blog.
And have fun, that’s what matters most ^_^


Thanks for sharing your gear and your artistic bag with us Alessandro. I would love to spend my days drawing and shooting the Tuscany coast.
Check out the links and make sure you come and comment.

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