In your bag No: 683, Dave Harris
Dave has a lovely bag for us. A mix of film and digital. And Dave is lucky, he gets to go to Spain every month. Check it out.

Hi,I’m Dave and I started off shooting film whist still at school and then working for a local studio until the boss folded and left overland for China.I left photography for a while too,travelling and surfing,then finally putting some roots down in The Canary Islands and Andalusia, Spain.It was whilst in Spain that i rekindled my love for photography both digital and film.Film these days is in my heart but i use digital for work.Im based in the UK right now but travel monthly to Spain.

Anyway onto the kit,this changes depending on what I’m doing but here you have my bag for travel and walkabouts.

Poler Excursion pack with camera insert,such a cool and comfortable bag by a great company from Portland,Oregon

Nikon F5 + 50mm 1.4 ,i love how this feels so solid and intuitive to me.I use this for my personal work at the beach,skatepark or to follow my little girl around.It’s currently loaded with Portra 400 and i always have some Tri X handy too.

Fuji X100,this camera is always with me and is my go to camera for the street and my little girl,not sure how many thousand photos i have taken of my little girl with this.It just works.

Nikon 24mm 2.8,great for any number of situations and awesome in the skatepark.

Olympus Trip 35,this is a recent acquisition that I’m using for snapshots.

Hanimex X140 Flash,this goes with the Trip,just easy for fill in or low light.

Notebook for email addresses etc as i have a really old phone that has no internet.

Nokia Phone,this is the equivalent to the Nikon F3,bombproof,i love it.

Finisterre merino beanie,another great company,this time from the depths of Cornwall.Never know when im gonna need this and it instantly makes me feel warm.

Hope you like my bag

You can see my work at
Personal blog here

Thanks for the bag Dave. I like the hat, I shall have to look for one.
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